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Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 11)

Title: Your Guardian Angel (Chapter 11)
Rating: PG-17(for now)
: No spoilers
: It's focused on Edward/Bella of course,but there would be some Alice/Jasper,probably Emmet/Rosalie
Category: Drama/Romantic
: Edward Cullen died in a horrible accident. While he was sleeping with Bella a fire started, the whole house was burning, he saved her, but he couldn’t save himself. Before he goes to heaven, he has a chance to help his one and only love.
Disclaimer: I am not SM obviously she owns the characters.I am not a writter,my english ain't perfect and I mostly write this story because I love Edward and Bella and I want to read more of them.
Bella's POV.

Chapter 11:  Where did Edward go?

Huge thanks to my betas Laura(Count2Five) from Lost Forum and especially to </a></font></b></a>sugartwin2     for all her help and enthusiasm about the story,without you,there would be no story♥ 


Chapter 11

I know I can't be there, Baby, it's alright; I'll be waiting for you tonight. I pray that you'll be there, when I close my eyes, meet me in my dreams tonight.

*When you are gone, there is something missing my smile.*



The night passed so slowly I couldn’t sleep, I was looking through the window, with the hope that he may appear sometime. The night was so quite, I could clearly see the moon, it was so beautiful. I immediately remembered him and our perfect night. That made me miss him even more.

“Where are you?” I whispered. The emptiness I felt couldn’t be described. I was drowning in sadness. I could never sleep, when he wasn’t around. Like some months ago….

“Don’t wait for me tonight, Alright love?” Edward kissed me.

“I can’t promise that” I kissed him back and let him go out with his friends.

The night passed slowly. I was laying in my bed, trying to relax and sleep, but the emptiness of his being not around didn’t give me rest. So I decided to stand up and warm up some milk, with the thought that this could help.

The hours passed, 5 AM, I was still awake laying on my bed. I couldn’t sleep, even if I had to wake up in 3 hours. I just couldn’t relax to be able to sleep. After some time I heard the door open. Edward came in the room silently and laid next to me.

“I missed you” He whispered so softly in order not to wake me.

“I missed you more” I told him and hugged him. And then immediately I fell asleep.

When the alarm rang ,I ignored it. I was going to miss my classes, I needed to be in his arms a little more, I have missed him too much.

“Love, you need to wake up” he said with a low voice. He was still half sleeping and he couldn’t even open his eyes from tiredome. He was so handsome.

“I am staying here” I told him and hugged him tighter.

“But…” he tried to argue but I kissed him.

“There are no buts, Sleep tight” I hugged him.

“Don’t tell me that you waited for me and didn’t sleep?” he said with a sad voice and opened his eyes.

“Alright I won’t tell you” I kissed him again and after that he was too busy to argue.

When the memory faded away, I felt arms wrapping around me from behind. His arms.

“I am so sorry for leaving so suddenly love, and most of all for leaving you alone at night, I don’t want you to miss sleep” he whispered to me.

“Why did you leave?” I didn’t turn around yet, I wanted to feel the hug and his presense a little more.

“I had to finish some things which I left in the middle of and to get Rosalie a present” he replied.

“Get Rosalie a present?” I turned to him.

“Yes, of course I won’t give it to her, but you will. You will say that we bought it for her.” He smiled.

“Aha” I replied.”What is it? And where is it?” I asked.

“I left it up on your chair, it’s a beautiful diamond necklace. Pretty rare. I am sure she will love it” he smiled once again my favourite crooked smile.

“Alright I will give It to her” I kissed his soft lips.

“Thank you Bella” he kissed me back. “I brought something for you too” he put something on the palm of my hand. “I really hope you like it” he smiled.

I opened my hand , it had a beautiful bracelet on it with a diamond heart, with lines” My heart belongs to you forever”

“Oh my God, Edward this is so beautiful and sweet” I hugged him tightly and kissed him with all my love and passion.

“I am so glad you like it” He kissed me back.

“I am so glad that you are back, I am so glad that you are here” I kept kissing him until we couldn’t breathe properly.

“I have a theory” I said after I took a moment to breathe.

“What kind of theory” he kissed my nose.

“You are here, because I am not letting you go away. Because I can’t live without you. So life, God, Fate pick whatever you want made you an angel just for me. And you are not going until I want you to , which means never.”

“Hm that’s a nice theory” He kissed my nose. “What If I am just in your imagination? Like an imaginary friend?” he giggled.

“ Naaa, you are my guardian angel, we can never ever separate Edward ,deal with it” I kissed his nose now.

“ I won’t argue with you about that” he kissed my lips. “ But you need to fight Bella, because this is not real. I am not really here, and I can’t stay here forever. You have to be strong and live in reality” his face became serious.

“Definitely sometime” I tried to reassure him.

“Make it soon” he kissed my lips again, hugged me and I fell asleep like a baby in his arms.

Writter notes: I love this chapter.I hope that you'll love it too.Comments are always more than appreciated<3

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